Megan Davidson

Author of
  • Your Birth Plan
    Rowman & Littlefield, pub. fall 2019

Megan Davidson is a recognized expert in birth and one of the most experienced doulas in the country (we are now up to over 200,000 doula-assisted births annually). Nationally, Megan has been featured on Fox News’ Headline Health, The Today Show online, The LA Times, and The Observer; as well as popular blogs such as Romper, Cafe Mom, Well Rounded NY, and A Child Grows In Brooklyn. In addition to being highly respected within her community of birth workers, she has counted among her clients many actors and newspaper and magazine writers and editors–all of whom will be happy to help spread the word about her book when the time comes, as the pages of testimonials included at the end of the proposal attest. Her website is

Books by Megan

Your Birth Plan

A Guide to Navigating All Your Choices in Childbirth

A new, inspiring, inclusive and much needed guide to help everyone plan for birth. Narrated in the grounded, thoughtful, non-judgmental voice of an experienced childbirth expert, Your Birth Plan: A Guide to Navigating All Your Choices in Childbirth, offers unbiased information about all birthing options– from having an epidural, to an unmedicated birth, to an elective Cesarean birth, at home or in a hospital or birthing center, in an urban environment–combined with the message that it is possible to have a positive birth experience with any one of these choices.

Your Birth Plan is built around the three C’s of a positive birth experience: control over the things you can control, recognizing when you have choices to make and knowing enough to make choices that work for you, and remembering that you have rights and always get to consent to (or refuse) treatments. Practical advice in each section, from choosing a birth location to building a birth team and planning for birth is woven with intimate voices of real, diverse parents, who share their stories of giving birth. Your Birth Plan is a critically needed resource for pregnant people looking to have an empowering experience of childbirth: a birth where they are able to make informed choices about their care, feel knowledgeable and able to give consent, and maintain a sense of control while being treated with kindness and respect, even when plans need to change.

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