Bridgett Davis

Author of
  • The World According to Fannie Davis
    Little, Brown (January, 2019)

Bridgett M. Davis is the author of two novels, Into the Go-Slow (Feminist Press, 2014) and Shifting Through Neutral (Amistad, 2005), and the memoir The World According to Fannie Davis, forthcoming from Little, Brown in 2019. She is also writer/director of the award-winning feature film Naked Acts; her work has appeared in Salon, Essence, O, The Oprah Magazine, The Root and The Washington Post. She is literary editor for the online cultural magazine, BoldAsLove. A native of Detroit, she’s a graduate of Spelman College and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She teaches creative and film writing at Baruch College, CUNY, and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two children.

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The World According to Fannie Davis

My Mother's Life in the Detroit Numbers

The World According to Fannie Davis: My Mother’s Life in the Detroit Numbers is Bridgett Davis’ story of growing up in Detroit in the 1960s and 70s while keeping a huge family secret: the fact that the business her mom ran – the one that brought the family out of poverty and into the middle class – was illegal. Bridgett’s mom, Fannie Mai Drumwright Davis Robinson, was a numbers runner, one of only two women in Detroit to successfully run her own Numbers business; this is a story that has never been told.

As a successful adult, Bridgett found herself still burdened by the weight of that family secret: it meant she could never tell the truth about how extraordinary her mother actually was, that she couldn’t fully answer her children’s questions, or publicly celebrate the fact that her mother, in an era when there were almost no opportunities for African-American women, “made a way out of no way” and managed to not only be a stay-at-home mom to her five children, but ensure that Bridgett got the education and the financial security to grow up to be a journalist, a teacher, a writer and a filmmaker–and a homeowner. She felt the time had come to share her story with the larger world.

Seamlessly weaving together personal history, memoir, interviews and cultural study, The World According to Fanny Davis illuminates the life and life-choices of one unforgettable and unconventional woman, while opening a rare and invaluable window on The Numbers – how it worked, and its significance as a means of African-American economic empowerment, not just for one family but in the culture at large, and offering a rare, insider, African-American perspective on Detroit in its heyday. The World According to Fanny Davis is a moving and unforgettable memoir of an extraordinary parent, living in a unique time and place, as seen through the eyes of an admiring yet clear-sighted daughter. This is a memoir that, while revealing the secrets, triumphs and tragedies of one unique family, also shines a light on underrepresented aspects of the American experience.

Praise for The World According to Fannie Davis

Bridgett M. Davis draws a loving portrait of her unforgettable mother who gamed the system and won. Davis is a witness to the journey of the African American strivers of Detroit, but she is also a witness to the evolution of her own remarkable family history. Combining rigorous research with an insider’s access, The World According To Fannie Davis is a triumphant tale of female empowerment. Bridgett Davis' love letter to her mother lights a bold new path, because sometimes leaning in is not enough.

Tayari Jones, author of An American Marriage

The World According to Fannie Davis is that rare book that successfully combines vivid family memoir with timely social history. As both journalist and daughter Bridgett Davis cracks open how American economic practices kept black families impoverished for generations and how one family, led by one remarkable woman, improbably broke through. I loved this book.

Alysia Abbott, author of Fairyland
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